"unpacking the shadow" 

A collaborative women's project

by Lorri Acott


"Unpacking The Shadow" Woman's Art Project

Unpacking the Shadow

Videographer Herb Saperstone  captures the essence of Lorri Acott's "Unpacking the Shadow" project in this moving 5 minute documentary.  Filmed at the opening of the first exhibition of this project,  one can see the very beginning of something bound to grow and make all of us begin to understand the power of art and community.

Here's how it works 

 Each woman creates, discovers, buys, finds, or selects 1 object ...

  • not larger than 3" x 3" x 3"
  • These objects represent aspects of themselves they have reclaimed,
  • or would like to reclaim.

  • Each woman will write a mini essay  (a story about the object
  • and why she selected it)

  •  Artist statements are up to 175 words…short, powerful, deeply personal.

Some people will choose small found or purchased objects to represent

what they are reclaiming, maybe even items from their own homes.  Others

will create something to put on the board like a small painting on a 3x3

canvas or a tiny sculpture.

So far I have the objects and artist statements from over 50 women, with others on

their way.  This website is just a sampling of what is to come.

We'll have rolling deadlines for upcoming exhibitions.

email me if you'd like to participate, and I will give you a link.