"unpacking the shadow" 

A collaborative women's project

by Lorri Acott


Why was she dancing? No reason. Just alive, I guess.  
By George Saunders 

Jewelry. In my hands I feel the primeval biotic of gold, the delicate luminosity of pearls. I always marvel and inspect finely sculpted designs in a ring or bracelet. Yet I never had the courage to create a piece on my own. 

Then, at age sixty as I gathered shells at the beach, the shapes began to unlock something in me. Their curves and swirls and rhythms came alive in my hand. Broken worn pieces of a shell carried in my pocket spoke to me about the beginnings of life and long tumultuous journeys. It felt as though I was carrying a life in my pocket. I wanted to give it another journey in life as I dreamed of my elongated versions wrapped around my wrist or neck. 

Because jewelry design has been dormant at the bottom of my bag since childhood, I believe I’m on the verge of creating something that will give me the greatest pleasure of my life. After marriage, mothering, a career in publishing and sixty-six years of carrying my bag of jewelry shadows around, the time has arrived.  Fear, intimidation and criticism has been pulled out and tossed to the winds of my future.