"unpacking the shadow" 

A collaborative women's project

by Lorri Acott

Jennifer 56

In my 44th year I felt that I had misplaced the narrative plot of my life story.  I was in a dark place.  That same year, I went to a party where a palm reader read my palm.  He told me I would live to be 90-years-old. Now, I don’t put much faith in palm readers, but it occurred to me that if he were correct, in several months I would experience my half-life birthday, the actual day on which I had precisely the same number of days to live in the future, that I had already experienced in the past.  

 This realization was powerful and, quite frankly, mind boggling to me. I was going to live (the duration) of my entire life, again.  What if I learned from my mistakes and lived with greater authenticity? Could I choose to laugh more, to love with greater passion? I felt that I had been given an existential “do-over” and I was determined to make the most of it. It became a turning point in my life. For this piece I thought about my half-life birthday, self-reflection and the opportunity I found in the palm of my hand.