If you would like to participate in the first gallery exhibition of  "Unpacking the Shadow" women's project, there is still time. Postmark date November 15

Here's how it works 

  • Each woman creates, discovers, buys, finds, or selects 1 object ...no larger than 3" x 3" x 3"

These objects represent aspects of themselves they have reclaimed, or would like to reclaim.

  • Each woman will write an artist statement  (a story about the object and why she selected it)

  •  Artist statements are up to 200 words…short, powerful, deeply personal.

The objects can really be almost anything.  I have a friend who had such a passion for horses when she was a child.  When opportunities for her to see or ride horses were no longer available, the passion she had for them didn’t make any sense to her teenage mind.  She put that real love that she had for horses into the bag. Twenty years later she reclaimed that part of herself and it has become an essential part of her identity.  She owns horses and competes as a jumper.  She is going to put some horse hair into a small clear container and I will mount it on the board.

Some people will choose small found or purchased objects to represent what they are reclaiming, maybe even items from their own homes.  Others will create something to put on the board like a small painting on a 3x3 canvas or a tiny sculpture.

How would I figure out what I want to say?

There are lots of ways to go about choosing your story.  Journalling is a good way to begin looking for the piece of yourself that you would like to reclaim.   Maybe you can come up with several ideas and sit with them for a few days as you look for the object that would represent them, and pick the one your like best.  I like to work back and forth between my right and left brain in this way.

You might immediately know the object you want to use, and then will come up with the story that goes with it.  Or maybe you will know exactly what you want to reclaim and will have to really search to find an object that represents that part of you, or the story you will tell about losing/finding that part of you. If you get stuck, I will be happy to email back and forth with you to help.

The Exhibition

I think this is an important exhibition empowering women that needs to be shown around the US and abroad.  We have  international participation from women who live in The US, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, and South Africa so far.

I am currently looking for exhibition venues. Please contact me if you have a venue that would like to show this exhibition. 

 If you would like to participate, please email me and we will go from there.



 "unpacking the shadow" 

A collaborative women's project

by Lorri Acott